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Jirinden(volume 3)

Jirinden46On site there are various tools…everything will be your armor, they are called Kogusoku (小具足) .

Sono ba no ShoDogu… mina onore no Gusoku to naru yue ni… Kogusoku to wa iu Heishu Jirinden Volume 3 Kogusoku
・On site there are various tools…everything will be your armor (Gusoku)so it is called…Kogusoku

  Where there are many people, inevitably incidents will occur, in such places there are seats and alleyways, to not make a mistake before an incident occurs, in that place there are various tools, big things, small things, long things, and short things. think of the convenience of the place, and pay attention for things that are close to hand and easy to take, so that there is no shortage. All these tools, as they become our protective tools, are called, Kogusoku (Small armor) in contrast to real armor. (Gusoku)

If that is the case, a blade should not be used lightly, when an incident suddenly occurs, we manage the situation by using the tools place in the various places, and we must not move away.
In this case, it is the rule of the warrior to always keep an eye on people, and select people to be your allies, On the other hand to put their mark on tools to make them their own protective armor.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)

Jirinden47He shows greed and tries to steal from others, it becomes a fight with the use of swords.

Oroka naru monono kuse to shite wa…yokushin wo motte hito no mono wo ubawan to suru kotoyori yaiba nimo oyobi keruHeishu Jirinden Volume 3Tsukadome
・It’s the habit of foolish people to get greedy, and attempt to steal things from people, so it becomes a fight with the use of katana.

  The part you grab and use is the handle, if the handle remains secure to the scabbard, there will be no fighting with swords
However it is your own carelessness that the enemy has taken your sword, it is the ultimate regret that many fools are destroyed by their own sword.

  By ones carelessness the sword is stolen by the enemy, when one tries to steal someone’s items out of greed, it becomes a fight using swords. If you are vigilant and subdue the enemy using the hilt, no-one will take advantage of suki (weak point). If you are vigilant and quick to respond to your enemies, it is easy to govern the world. If you do that, you can completely control the fight with the tsuka and it will not become a sword fight.  Even if your opponent attacks, you can easily suppress it with the method called Tsuka-dome. We React promptly and firmly.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)

Jirinden (48) Koshi no Mawari is the way to govern others.

Koshi-no-mawari wa onore yori hito wo osamuru no michi to site…myomoku wo tukeoku nari(Heishū Jirinden, Volume 3°, Koshi-no-mawari
・Koshi-no-mawari is called the right way to govern others.

  A warrior should always remember their Koshi-no-Mawari.  “Koshi”(hips) means a place that should always be guarded, “Mawari”(Rotation) means that things happen with us as the starting point.  This means Koshi-no-mawari is of great importance, and to take care of things that are important so things do not happen to ourselves.  Bujin must always remember his Koshi-no-mawari, and if something happens, he must first think of why it has occurred.

  The Katana is a tool for policing and controlling misdeeds, the tachi (longsword) is for helping the lord, and the wakizashi (short sword) is for stabbing yourself in the side when you make a mistake.  If one is hasty and impatient, it is easy to forget one’s lord and his father, and imprudence and rashness will deny one’s previous achievements. People who lose themselves in a moment of anger are not warriors in the first place, but people who lack the ability to plan big projects. For this reason, Koshi-no-Mawari is the way to govern people, and Tsuka-dome is the way to suppress and control obstacles that others create.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)

Jirinden (49) Because your mind wanders, you deceive yourself.

Mayou kokoro no aru yueni wadowasaruru no onore mo aru」(Heishū Jirinden, Vol.III, Gunchū-kumiuch
・Because our mind wanders within us, we ourselves must always be aware, as we ourselves are deceived.

  The reason the mind is unsettled is because we have not cultivated our minds enough. Ki (Will, Spirit) moves depending on how much effort you use in daily life.

  It is said that if one never rests, always moves, and always learns, and has mastered behaviour, for example in a great army of 37,500 people, he will not inferior.
If you don’t maintain your Ki enough, you will lose the ability to concentrate, loose the decisive moment, lose your place, not only that, miss the enemy you have to strike, the weapons appropriate to you stolen, and injure yourself.
Kumi-uchi exists to quickly decide the outcome of a fight, but prolonging the fight using Kumi-uchi is a disgrace to a warrior. Lock your arms so they are on the outside of your opponent’s arm, twist the enemy’s neck under your armpit with your dominant hand, and stop the opponent’s dominant hand with your left hand.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)

Jirinden (50) Those who take on a role, and have no loyalty will certainly make many blunders.

Yaku wo ninoute Chū naki mono wa kanarazu ochido mo shigeki mono nari(Heishū Jirinden, Vol.III  , Bajō no kumiuchi kubi tori you no koto)
・Those who take roles and have no Loyalty (Chū, Loyalty) are those that will always make many blunders.

  Those who take on roles and have no Chū (Chū, Loyalty) are those who always make many blunders.
If there is someone in a superior position who is role is frivolous and disloyal (Fuchū, disloyal), you should immediately leave that role. If y ou cannot leave that role, you will destroy yourself in that role. You should not give difficult tasks to disloyal people. This is to be disloyal. You take on the difficult tasks, and give these people the easiest tasks.

  If there is no harmony between the upper and lower classes, the country will be destroyed. Therefore, it is the first duty on the person on horseback to not injure the horse. When man and horse become one, they become able to move freely, consequently when destroying an enemy, all you have to do is hurt your enemy’s horse. Cut the horse’s neck. Cut the horses reins. Doing that man and horse will no longer be united, and the enemy will not be able to move as they want.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)

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