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The Heishū Jirinden

Jirinden(volume 1)Contents
Jirinden(1)Bu is the natural abandonment of military force.
Jirinden(2) Mihatsu no iai and “Jirin no iai.
Jirinden(3)  The waves on the shore retreat, leaving not a trace.
Jirinden(4) Bu is not Strength and Violence.
Jirinden(5) Originally the length of the blade in the daisho is not decided.
Jirinden(6)The long sword corrects injustice. The short sword is thrust into one’s stomach.
Jirinden(7) Illuminate danger by the flame of the lamp of one’s heart.

Jirinden(8)「Nidō isshi: Two Move, One is Held.
Jirinden(9)Ijiriis Dignity, Skill, and Theory. 
Jirinden (10)  If one has skill but no dignity, one will use too much technique and be defeated.
Jirinden (11) “After having cut a person down, one must cut open one’s stomach in apology for failing in one’s duty” *.

Jirinden (12)  Cut open your stomach in apology for having over stepped your bounds.
Jirinden (13) Apologize for the sin of imprudence but cutting open one’s stomach.
Jirinden (14) When you are unable to convince others, cut open your stomach for your fault.
Jirinden (15) Wait while being prepared to spring into action at any time, like a lying wild boar.
Jirinden(volume 2)Contents

Jirinden (16) Only in our school do we not use the term tōjutsu (刀術), calling (our art) kenjutsu (剣術)
Jirinden (17) If there are things, then inevitably there are rules
Jirinden (18) To value life and hate death
Jirinden (19) Shugyō is the correcting of behavior.
Jirinden (20) Even high mountains are accumulated handfuls of dirt.
Jirinden (21
) The「Ōhen Hakkyoku」is responding to a variety of changes.
Jirinden (22) Having proper perception is called Seigan.
Jirinden (23) To keep the sword sheathed and undrawn. This is called Garyū.
Jirinden (24) The sword protects us from and corrects the wicked.
Jirinden (25) A tiger in a bamboo thicket does not show its weapons, like fangs or horns.

Jirinden (26) Avoid the unjust person and wait for the arrival of opportunity
Jirinden((27) Within bu there is the art (techiniques) and there is reason (principles).
Jirinden (28) Being where one should be and leaving a place one should leave
Jirinden (29)Neither oneself nor the other wins.
Jirinden (30) The tiger always finely sharpens its claws.
Jirinden (31) If one becomes too lofty one will become disconnected from the world.
Jirinden(32) Make Ukifune the center of one’s spirit. 
Jirinden(33) One who can wait, knows when.
)There are days when even the right cannot overcome the wicked
Jirinden (35) “I” (位) is a person being where they are supposed to be.
Jirinden (36) “Ji” (事) means for the unexpected occurring in various ways.
Jirinden (37 ) Ri (理Logic, Truth, Reason) is something that follows reason.
Jirinden (38) To swing the sword quickly, relax the “te-no-uchi”.
Jirinden (39Making the enemy retreat (hikimi) is the key in pursing them.
Jirinden (40If you create an opening in the right, the enemy will be free to move.
Jirinden (41) Uke-ai is a teaching to be unable to strike the body by shaving the shinogi (ridge side of the blade)
Jirinden (42) “Losing due to distain (Anado no make)”when your preparations become poor due to your distain of the enemy.
Jirinden (43) “Losing by showing your weak point (Hi_wo_miseru_no_make)” means to show your weak point to the enemy, in order to lure them into a trap.
Jirinden (44) ”Myōmon no make” means to by focusing on reputation and rumours, ones skills become unskillful and ugly.
Jirinden (45) “Ukagai no make” doubt is strengthened and you will lose by yourselves.
Jirinden(volume 3)Contents
Jirinden (46) On site there are various tools…everything will be your armor, they are called Kogusoku (小具足) .
Jirinden(47)He shows greed and tries to steal from others, it becomes a fight with the use of swords.
Jirinden (48) Koshi no Mawari is the way to govern others.
Jirinden (49) Because your mind wanders, you deceive yourself.
Jirinden (50) Those who take on a role, and have no loyalty will certainly make many blunders.

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