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Jirinden (26) Avoid the unjust person and wait for the arrival of opportunity

Avoid the unjust person and wait for the arrival of opportunity(Heishū Jirinden, Vol. II, Ōhen Hakkyoku)
・Avoid the momentum of an evil doer and wait for opportunity to arrive.

  The waterwheel’s carrying of water or the pinwheel’s spinning in the breeze happens because the wheel (kuruma or sha in Japanese) effectively utilizes the power of the wind or water. A waterwheel collapsing and being carried away when struck by water or a pinwheel breaking and being blown away when blown upon by the wind is the result of the not effectively making use of the wind or water’s power. Because the role of the wheel is to rotate, the spinning of the wheel is said to be like one steadily carrying out one’s own role.

  When an evildoer comes and intrudes upon one’s self, one’s life will be extended and the evildoer will be subdued if one can effectively make use of opportunity and evade the evildoer, as if rotating like a wheel effectively making use of the power of the wind or water. This happens not because you subdue the attacker with your own power, but because you tap into the power from the heavens and the evildoer is defeated. This is called “sha”.
( Katayama-ryu The Teating / Ōhen hakkyoku )

  When the momentum of the incorrect is strong, keep the sword on one’s self at all times, avoid the momentum of the incorrect, abide by correct actions and wait for the coming of opportunity. Never have the idea of trying to win in your heart, advance to good positions and avoid disadvantageous ones.(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Rennis Buchner, Constantin von Richter)


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