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Jirinden(28)Being where one should be and leaving a place one should leave

 Oru beki ni wa orisaru beki ni wa saru(Heishū Jirinden, Vol. II, Iai hakkyoku hen)
・Be where one should be and leave a place one should leave

   A circle (en) is a natural shape containing no corners or boundaries. This means that one must not obstinately fixate on any one particular corner or section of a matter while being ignorant of the whole. Nami ( nami or ha/pa- literally “wave”)  means to not go against the ebb and flow of water. One should exist naturally in a situation and not fight against it. Being intimate with those close to you and distance with those who are not. Being where one should be and leaving a place one should leave. There is no reason to talk about reason with those who are unable to understand it. It is good to peacefully keep company with another party without arguing on the topic.

  If one’s sword is in its scabbard, one will not be feared or doubted by others. Keeping the way of the heavens hidden inside one’s spirit and conducting oneself in the same manner as the rest of society is the usual way of conduct for Enpa. If there is someone who is trying to destroy the way of the heavens, destroy that person. If there is one who raises their fist, it matters not at all if you kick him back. It is important in swordsmanship to adapt to one who is trying to instigate. Enpa is used as a technique to strike back.
Katayama-ryū The Teachings / Iai Hakkyokuhen)
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Rennis Buchner, Constantin von Richter)



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