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Jirinden46On site there are various tools…everything will be your armor, they are called Kogusoku (小具足) .

Sono ba no ShoDogu… mina onore no Gusoku to naru yue ni… Kogusoku to wa iu Heishu Jirinden Volume 3 Kogusoku
・On site there are various tools…everything will be your armor (Gusoku)so it is called…Kogusoku

Where there are many people, inevitably incidents will occur, in such places there are seats and alleyways, to not make a mistake before an incident occurs, in that place there are various tools, big things, small things, long things, and short things. think of the convenience of the place, and pay attention for things that are close to hand and easy to take, so that there is no shortage. All these tools, as they become our protective tools, are called, Kogusoku (Small armor) in contrast to real armor. (Gusoku)

If that is the case, a blade should not be used lightly, when an incident suddenly occurs, we manage the situation by using the tools place in the various places, and we must not move away.
In this case, it is the rule of the warrior to always keep an eye on people, and select people to be your allies, On the other hand to put their mark on tools to make them their own protective armor.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)



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