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Jirinden(51) Don’t stand where on the place you shouldn’t stand, stand on the place you should stand.
Tatsu bekarazaru chi ni tatazu, tatsu beki ba ni tatsu」(Heishū Jirinden, Vol.III , Gokui)
・Do not stand on the place you should not stand, stand on the place you should.

  It is called (Kurai, Position or Status)to stand on the ground you should, not on the ground you should not stand.
Those who do not observe (Gi, Righteousness) and exceed their own position, and stands on the ground of others prefers a dangerous path. Those who prefer a dangerous path will not have a peaceful end. Those who do not well understand (Ri, Reason) does not know the method to regain his ground when it is taken from him, those with no place, suffer from being lost, those who suffer from being lost will be perplexed in the end.

  Originally when people met, there is always the place of master and guest. Those who neither exceed nor is exceeded, neither takes, nor is taken away from, one who clearly understand their position, when carrying out something, has no excess, those are called one who understands knows well their position. It is the status of each person to have a place where they are naturally allowed to stand. With another person present, it is necessary to establish Kurai, and the appropriate position to stand in.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)






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