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Jinrinden(44)”Myōmon no make” means to by focusing on reputation and rumours, ones skills become unskillful and ugly.

Myōmon no make to ieru wa, myumon gaibun nomi ni tsutome oki , gei wa tsutanaku migurushi karanHeishū Jirinden, Vol. II, Deai-gashira
・“Myōmon no make” means by emphasizing fame and reputation only, one’s skills become unskillful and ugly.

  “Myōmon no make“(沽名負, Loosing by reputation) means to endeavour to practice every day, but not practice sincerely, and focusing on reputation and rumours, thinking of performing meritorious deeds Infront of a crowd to raise reputation, your movements will have no meaning and your mind will also be chaos, it will hurt your body and your skill will be worse than usual.

 Itsuku no make“(黐艘負, Defeat by stopping movement)means it is deplorable by circumstance in which one is hit by the enemy even forgetting to take a stance, although one has not learnt even a little technique, and wonders if a way to win exists.
It is not a great shame that the inferior are not equal to the superior, but it is not good from the point of view of Bujin, to leave dishonour behind for cowardice and negligence.

 Enryo no make “(遠慮負, Defeat by hesitation or conspiracy)means that there is a feeling of making a deal with the enemy, voluntarily losing an opportunity, creating a bond of gratitude from the enemy and obtaining a promise of assistance for the future.
Who are you going to seduce with this duplicity?
All this, because it satisfies one’s desires, one’s heart is discovered by the allies, furthermore, it is also despised by the enemy. Nobody thinks there is an advantage in the future, there is no one who thinking of future damage, will rely on the superficiality of the warrior. We must think that associating with these types of people (Cruel and Greedy) is like raising a wild dog or a wolf. It is necessary to be careful because future evil will be terrible.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Constantin von Richter, Draven Lee Powe)



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