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Jirinden45 “Ukagai no make” doubt is strengthened and you will lose by yourselves.    

Ukagai no make to ieru wa, saigishin no koru ni yotte, mizukara yabure wo torishi kotoHeishu Jirinden Volume 2, Deaigashira
・“Ukagai no make” means Doubt is strengthened and you will lose by yourselves.

“Ukagai no Make” (狐疑負, Defeat by hesitation) means that if you only have inadequate specialised techniques, you will wait for your opponent to come close, when your energy become stagnant, you will not be able to react quickly when a sudden exchange occurs. Your meagre specialised techniques will quickly be destroyed easily.
Since ancient times, there are many examples of people who were defeated because of a sceptical evil mind. (People who did not understand the opponents’ actions and doubted them) This is proof that evil will never prevail against righteousness.

“Hike no Make” (引気負, Defeat by cowardice) means that although your technical ability is superior to that of your opponent, due to your low social status, or hesitation not to know the opponent, your advantage will be overwhelmed by his power, you will become a coward and be subjected to his will. This is the consequence of not defending yourself with courage.
The Ancients deplored this, and admonished it by saying剛臆一紙を隔つ” Courage and cowardice are separated only by the thinness a sheet of paper. It is regrettable that if you had not retreated, you would have had a splendid victory. 

“Rikimi no Make” (握殺負, Defeat by Pretended Courage) Means that although you grew up in a house of warriors, you neglected martial arts training, only relying on your natural strength, you have always made fun and laughed at your classmates who participate in training and study, even if you use vigorous language when you are deciding a match, when it comes to facing the opponent it becomes a bluff, and the body does not move at all. It means the only thing you can rely on is useless, like when a lock is cut by thieves. It must be deplorable and reluctant to grab your longsword and grind your teeth.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Constantin von Richter, Draven Lee Powe)



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