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Jirinden (49) Because your mind wanders, you deceive yourself.

Mayou kokoro no aru yueni wadowasaruru no onore mo aru」(Heishū Jirinden, Vol.III, Gunchū-kumiuch
・Because our mind wanders within us, we ourselves must always be aware, as we ourselves are deceived.

  The reason the mind is unsettled is because we have not cultivated our minds enough. Ki (Will, Spirit) moves depending on how much effort you use in daily life.

  It is said that if one never rests, always moves, and always learns, and has mastered behaviour, for example in a great army of 37,500 people, he will not inferior.
If you don’t maintain your Ki enough, you will lose the ability to concentrate, loose the decisive moment, lose your place, not only that, miss the enemy you have to strike, the weapons appropriate to you stolen, and injure yourself.
Kumi-uchi exists to quickly decide the outcome of a fight, but prolonging the fight using Kumi-uchi is a disgrace to a warrior. Lock your arms so they are on the outside of your opponent’s arm, twist the enemy’s neck under your armpit with your dominant hand, and stop the opponent’s dominant hand with your left hand.
(Presented by Yuji Wada, Costantino Brandozzi, Draven Lee Powe, Constantin Von Richter)





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